There are two social justice issues that I care deeply about.

Climate: we have a very short amount of time to radically reduce our global carbon emissions and I am highly motivated to do whatever I can to help solve this crisis.

Racism: learning about systematic and institutional racism in our country is a life-long journey and life-long work. 

Here’s a list of resources I recommend on the subjects:

Books & Articles & podcasts


The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodell

The Parents' Guide to Climate Revolution by Mary DeMocker.

Real American: A memoir by Julie Lythcot-Haims


Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040 published Oct 2018 by New York Times

The Green New Deal, Explained updated March 2019 by Vox. Written by David Roberts.

Bryan Stevenson's interview, "What well meaning white people need to know." 


Life after Climate Change, with David Wallace-Wells from The Ezra Klein Show. This particular episode is hosted by journalist David Roberts with guest David Wallace-Wells who just published a book called The Uninhabitable Earth.

Teaching While White


A short video on white supremacy in Education by Dorinda Carter Andrews

This 1-hour movie follows the history of this country and how whiteness was created by Tim Wise called White Like Me


350 Seattle - grassroots movement working toward climate justice.

Got Green - grassroots organization that works for environmental, racial, and economic justice led by people of color and low income people. 


David Roberts, writes about climate and energy. Writes for Vox